Friday, July 2, 2010

Lola Blue Eyes

Perhaps the cutest little girl I know, is Miss Lola Bunny

Miss Blue Eyes in Bonnets

I've known this little one since birth, and she is a pistol. Little hell on wheels, so I knew I would have no problem taking pictures of her.

Miss Blue Eyes in Bonnets

Even refusing to smile while ripping the bluebonnet to shreads, this little girl has a spark that connects to the camera.
With a little help from Mama and Nonnie and I got the picture of the day. Miss Blue Eyes in Bonnets:

Miss Blue Eyes in Bonnets

Wonder where she gets it? She-get-it-from-her-mamma

Sunset Walk

After such a demanding ;) 30 minutes of bluebonnet pictures, Miss Lola was rewarded with a trip to the beach

B&W Sun Tan

In fact, the cutest little one ever. Not hard to take good pictures of her. :)

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