Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365, Week 1

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To start the year off right, something new needed to be done.
I grabbed this idea over the last few months after viewing others' attempts over 2009; this was intriguing. The idea is simple, one picture, everyday for an entire year. The process is a little more complicated...

I was so excited I forgot to pack my camera on my first 2 days, talk about starting on a low point. I didn't let it get to me, and took 2 pictures with my Iphone.

So I present, Week 1:

I was really down about forgetting my camera the entire weekend. Lack of inspiration and being a little pissed off turned into me taking a mediocre image of my arrow nocked onto my bow while I was sitting in the bow stand.


The next day we were invited to our neighbor's ranch to explore the "mountain top" road that he built over the last few years. It was such a wonderful view. I, obviously, was still kicking myself for not having my camera. We finally drove around towards our property line on the top if the hill and found the original fence line that was built decades ago.


Finally, I get home and get the Nikon back into my hands. As soon as we came back to the house, my mind was racing on what I wanted to shoot for my 3rd, but technically 1st, picture of the year. Then the announcement came to start picking up the Christmas decorations...
I guess inspiration struck me when I realized Christmas was over...

50mm@f/4, 1/40, ISO2000

Week 2 starts tomorrow.

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